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Thursday, April 30, 2020

April 30, 2020

After President Nicos Anastasiades announced the gradual relaxations of lock down restrictions starting from May 4th, Health minister Constantinos Ioannou announced information on phases three and four during a press conference on Thursday morning. 

Phase three will be in place between June 9th and July 13th
Airports will reopen in June dependent on conditions, and in stages. 
The following will also reopen in this period:
  • Malls/ department stores
  • Airports/ airlines — gradually and under conditions
  • Ports, service for cruise ships
  • Catering indoors and outdoors
  • Hotels
  • Beaches — provided distances are adhered to
  • Open air theatres and cinemas
  • Gyms
  • Sports tournaments (no fans)
  • Summer programmes of private tertiary education
Restart of economic activities will be on the basis of guidelines and protocols.
Phase four will commence on July 14th and include the opening of:
  • Theatres and indoor cinemas
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Casinos
  • Children’s play areas indoors and outdoors.

All businesses reopening must adhere to specific distancing rules and hygiene guidelines to prevent an increase in coronavirus cases. 

The construction sector and associated businesses resume work on May 4, as do retail shops with the exception of malls and department stores. Open air markets and travel agents are also part of the first stage of the easing of the lockdown.
He said that companies must implement the rule of eight metres for every employee, compulsory availability of antiseptic and cleaning of surfaces.
Employees who come into contact with the public in the private and public sector must wear masks.
For the general public the use of masks is recommended but not mandatory.
The minister said that people considered vulnerable for health reasons will be protected from exposure to the virus. They have been divided into two groups, those that can work but must not be in places with a lot of people and the second group who are high risk and will work from home.
For further protection, the ministry has decided that special groups of people will undergo the coronavirus test, paid for by the ministry.
These categories are:
  • Cancer patients before they undergo treatment
  • Pregnant women before giving birth
  • Elderly before being admitted to care homes
  • Abused individuals (adults and children) before being admitted to shelters