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Man breaks Guinness World Record for most consecutive bench presses underwater - Video

                                        video by Guinness World Records - Youtube

The ongoing tryst with a deadly virus has left us looking for a morale boost. Wholesome videos that spread love and kindness have been winning the internet. Now, the Guinness Book of World Records has another inspirational video for us.
Posted on the body’s official YouTube account, we see Greg Wittstock from the United States bench pressing with a 50 kg barbell that too underwater.
By pulling this feat off, Greg broke the previous world record of 42 continuous bench presses and did 20 extra to keep his record going strong and long.
Speaking about his record, Greg said his experience with free diving and lifting weights helped him put the two together and beat the challenge.
“It’s super weird trying to lift balancing weights underwater AND of course holding your breath!” he added.
Finally, thanking Guinness for recognizing “unusual achievements” he wrote everyone needed such distractions right now.
Greg completed the task in a lake in St. Charles, Illinois and the video capture the whole journey –of him diving to the bottom of the shallow lake, starting to bench press and come out victorious.
According to the video, this is not the first time Greg tried his hands on the challenge. In September 2019, Greg had tried to break the underwater bench pressing record.
Although he seemed too strong last year, he was disqualified for not fully extending his hands. This time, Greg paid attention to all technical details and clinched the record.

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