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WATCH: Stray MISSILE fired by Chadian Su-25 pierces fuel tanker, barely misses French C-130 & hits officer's house, killing 5

In a bizarre and tragic accident, a Chadian Air Force Su-25 parked at the Adji Kossei airbase fired a missile that struck an empty fuel truck, zoomed by a French C-130 Hercules transport plane and hit a house, killing 5 civilians.
A surveillance camera video of the incident has leaked online, showing the exact moment the missile was fired, apparently accidentally, as the fighter jet was being prepared for takeoff, according to local media.

The missile burst through an empty fuel tanker truck and flew within meters of a wingtip of a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, both allegedly belonging to the French armed forces deployed in Chad as part of the counter-terrorism Operation Barkhane.
The stray projectile eventually hit a house in the vicinity of Adji Kossei (Fort Lamy) airbase in N’Djamena, the capital and largest city of Chad, killing at least five civilians, including three children
Prosecutors launched a probe into the incident, while some reports alleged the destroyed house belonged to a top Chad army officer and was located next to the French-led operation headquarters.


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