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Friday, May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020
image: Ubergizmo

Right now the world is waiting on a vaccine to be developed to help fight against the COVID-19 virus once and for all. At the moment, doctors just have to treat the symptoms as they arise, meaning that the treatment for patients will differ depending on what kind of symptoms they are displaying.

However, over in China, it seems that doctors are claiming to have developed a drug in which they claim could cure the COVID-19 virus without needing a vaccine, similar to how you would take a pill for a fever, gastritis, and so on. How this drug works is similar in concept to how a vaccine would work, but it seems to be faster.

A vaccine works by injecting a patient with a weakened strain of the virus, in hopes that the body will be capable of producing antibodies to successfully fend it off, and teach it so that it knows how to counter the virus in the future. This particular method introduces antibodies directly into the patient’s system that already knows how to fight the virus, thus making the process faster.

However, we should caution you that before you get too excited, the researchers have only tested out this new method on animals, like mice. Whether or not it will work the same way in humans without negative side effects remains to be seen, but the early trials appear to be promising.