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Sunday, May 3, 2020

May 03, 2020
image: healthdoctoring

Sinovac Biotech holds the hope for humanity, an experimental vaccine Coronovac has been discovered again the viral that has upended the world. 
The great progress has claimed in the research and shown the positive results among monkeys. While the trails are just started on human and the company says that 100 million doses per year are ready to combat the virus, which surfaced the china last year and spread across the globe. 
The vaccine shots are based on an inactivated pathogen that is ready and is packed in orange and white case emblazons, naming “Coronavac”. 
According to World Health Organization, the development of vaccines requires 12 to 18 months and even Sinovac does not know when the vaccine will be ready for the market, as it is a long way to go before the vaccine is approved. 

Sinovac was the first pharmaceutical company to discover the vaccine against swine flu, in 2009. Once again they had produced a drug against the global virus. 
According to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, more than 100 labs are rushing to come up with the vaccine against the Covid-19, but only 7 out of them are currently in clinic trail and Sinovac is one of them. 
The vaccine trial was done on macaques and vaccine has largely protected the animal from infection. 
The company has also conducted the trial on humans also, in which serum was administered on 144 volunteers in April in eastern Jiangsu. The 1000 employees of Sinovac are hoping for the positive results by the end of June. Once this is done the company will move to the third trail and it will determine whether the vaccine is effective. 
Although, China has largely controlled the Coronavirus after imposing lockdown on the central city of Wuhan and its surrounding province. A recent report says that only 600 people remain hospitalized and only a few new cases are reported daily. 
Even if Sinovac gets success in the next stage, they won’t be able to produce enough vaccine to treat the entire world. Meng said that they had already teamed up with foreign partners, which has already bought the vaccines from them against hepatitis and flu. 
Meng said we are working day and night so that we don’t waste any minute for the development of a vaccine. Also, Sinovac is building the production facility in the south and will start by the end of the year.