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Saturday, May 30, 2020

May 30, 2020
image: europe.infowars

Brexit architect and investigative reporter Nigel Farage continues to expose the migration crisis in the English Channel as an operation in which both the U.K. and French governments are participating.

In a new video report titled, "I caught the French Navy cheating," Farage and his team monitor a French naval ship shadowing a small boat laden with migrants as it crosses the Channel into British waters and is picked up by a U.K. Border Force vessel.

Farage explained French authorities ordered a one-mile "exclusion zone" around the ship and migrant-trafficking RIB [rigid inflatable boat], calling it a "search-and-rescue" operation and warning other vessels not to "endanger lives" by approaching.

"They know we are here. They know I'm back out here. They are doing their best to hide the truth," Farage said.

He asserted the French naval ship attempted to disguise its objectives, even turning off its AIS [automatic identification system] transponders and 'going dark' to avoid being tracked.
As predicted, French ships on migrant handover have turned their transponders off after being rumbled. In the busiest sea-lane in the world, this is not only against SOLAS, and against global best practice for military ships exempt from regs, it is very dangerous for others! 

— Oliver JJ Lane (@oliver_lane) May 26, 2020

"They simply don't want you to know what the truth is," Farage said "Here we are, it's late May, and there is no sign of any of this stopping. I think the numbers that come over the course of the summer will justify the use of the word 'invasion.'"

"Twice in a week, we have caught the French navy acting as an escort for illegal migrants into British waters, and our Border Force... effectively being complicit in it."