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Friday, May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020
Photo : REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

North Korea is famous for being very secretive about evething that happens inside their borders. News agencies are run by the regime and the only information that leaves the "hermit state" are those that are approved by the country's leadership.

Aside from that, the country is also known to be very protective of its leaders, thus, preserving their lives is of utmost importance. In order to do that the country has gone to bizarre measures.

Unveiling the brutal acts executed under the unorthodox beliefs, Chris Mikul's book 'My Favourite Dictators' in 2019 revealed all the means that they do to keep Kim Il-Sung vibrant and alive after founding North Korea in 1948.

After the Korean War, the first among the secrets of Korean's founder was established, the "Joy Brigade." Wherein members of the brigade or a special unit was deployed to hunt not enemies but 'attractive' girls to allegedly become sex slaves or entertainers.

Young Companions and Animal Genitalia
Mikul shared that it was the government's task to locate girls from schools around the country that is suited in their leaders' taste.

The book also includes the requirements to pass the dictator's taste. It was stated that the girls needed to be pretty, have no scars on their bodies, have soft voices, and are at most 5'4" tall.

Two years of substantial training in dancing, singing and ways to satisfy the sexual preferences of the Great Leader, and later on his successor and son, were given to the girls starting at the age of 13.

And after the two-year extensive training, they were then dispersed in numerous villas around the country and allegedly played a big role in the regime's efforts to lengthen Kim Il-Sung's life.

The author Mikul claimed that this was associated with the Chinese belief that by sleeping with young girls, a man could live longer than normal.

In his book, Mikul also mentioned the strangest task that the trained girls have performed was the so-called 'human bed,' wherein they are lying while keeping their legs interlocked in a specific way, which allows the dictator to sleep on them.

Moreover, to keep the leader alive, they founded the "Kim Il-Sung Institute of Health and Longevity."

One of the recommendations for the Great Leader was to eat the dog's penis at 2.8 inches long or seven centimetres regularly.

But despite the best efforts and a stable supply of young women and dog penises in keeping him alive, the Great Leader Kim Il-Sung suffered a heart attack causing his death in 1994.

The incident was claimed to happen in the middle of a heated conversation between the Great Leader and his son Kim Jong-Il regarding the ways of spending the country's wealth.

The heated conversation is allegedly about him convincing his son to transfer military funds as an investment for food and consumer goods as its countrymen suffer from the nationwide food shortage.

North Korea was founded by Kim Il-Sung in 1948 becoming the first ruler of the nation and up to this very day, people in North Korea still remembers the Great Leader.

Since Kim Il-Sung's death, the citizens of North Korea struggled to survive on food rations as caused by food shortages while the nation's leaders lived a luxurious and decadent lifestyle.

Splurging millions on luxury items, the country's leaders worsened the situation of their people as they purchased champagne and other exquisite food while leaving many in starvation.