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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

May 05, 2020

THE real reason for Kim Jong-un's recent absence has been revealed and it will terrify enemies of the North Korean dictator, who is understood to be "back with a vengeance".

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un re-emerged in the public eye after going missing for weeks, prompting wild speculation concerning his health. There was no acknowledgement of the North Korean leader's bizarre 20-day absence during his first public appearance. State television network KCNA reported that the North Korean dictator attended the completion of a fertiliser plant in a region north of Pyongyang.

However, the reason behind the absence is believed to have been exposed by a reporter for Sky News Australia.
James Morrow claims that the absence was a ruse and a "classic Stalinist manoeuvre".
Morrow told viewers that his absence was orchestrated to find out who he could trust within his inner circle.
He said Kim may have chosen to "lay low" and see how the North Korean elite reacted to rumours he had died.
This comes amid fears among North Korean experts that Kim will now usher in a gruesome spate of killings as a way of purging Pyongyang’s old-guard. 
Morrow explained: "What has probably gone on here that the rumours of his demise was greatly exaggerated.
"He decided to do this, lay low, and see how things broke power-wise, and see who tried to take power in the event of his actual demise.
"I suspect we will see some purges in North Korea pretty soon."
Deputy Dean at the University of Essex Professor Natasha Lindstaedt echoed this, warning that Kim could unleash a wave of gruesome public executions in a bid to crush dissent after rumours about his death circulated
The North Korean despot is also said to be poised to issue a fresh spate of nuclear threats against the West to re-establish his credibility. 
Earlier today, South Korean officials confirmed that they do not believe Kim Jong-un underwent any surgical procedure recently.