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Thursday, May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020

Continued coercing by the Chinese Navy in the disputed South China Sea prompted US to respond by sending two US warships to send a stern message to Beijing to back off harassing an unarmed drilling ship.

The Chinese Navy has been actively threatening and harassing civilian ships, but backed off from US warships and is keeping a safe distance, before returning to harass ships in waters not belonging to China.

Apparently, China is attempting to purloin resources that are not rightfully theirs. Their claims has been considered otherwise by the Hague but Beijing conveniently ignores the ruling to this day.

There is bold attempt by China to purloin resources that is not right fully theirs, which is why drilling ship has been harassed according to sources.

American patrol ships were sent to give a message to Beijing that their actions will not be tolerated. Americans pushbacks have earned Chinese ire for blunting the unlawful activities direct at civilian ships.

On Friday, the US Navy sent the Formidable littoral combat ship USS Montgomery and the replenishment ship USNS Cesar Chavez, in presence operation the SCS to support and standoff offending Chinese vessels that were harassing the Panamanian-flagged drill ship West Capella, contracted by Malaysia.

According to reports, the US Navy is now showing the Chinese, the United States will not stand by and let the Chinese Navy bully its allies.

Sources confirm that the drill ship West Capella is contracted to conduct surveys in the area of the South China Sea, which is legally theirs and encroached upon by Beijing who bully lesser nations, because they cannot enforce their claims with a powerful navy.

The West Capella is legally sanction by the Malaysian state-owned oil company Petronas, to look for oil reserves that are also coveted by Mainland China.

While the world fights COVID-19, the Chinese People Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has been causing all kinds of bullying and coercive activities in the south china sea.

Last month, the US Navy sent ships in the same area to stop and push back Chinese ships that are harassing weaker countries.

This incident in late April drew the attention of the US Navy's USS Bunker Hill (guided-missile cruiser), and the Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Parramatta.

Both ships headed for a rendezvous with the amphibious assault ship USS America and the guided-missile destroyer USS Barry for combined exercises, close by a Chinese government survey ship Haiyang Dizhi, with several China Coast Guard ships.

The US cautioned China to stop its bullying of lesser Asian nations, bringing attention PLANs aggressiveness in claiming offshore oil and gas developments that is not theirs. Earlier Dizhi 8 conducted aggressive actions on Vietnamese fishermen.

US Navy Admiral John Aquilino on Friday said,"We are committed to a rules-based order in the South China Sea, and we will continue to champion freedom of the seas and the rule of law."

Last April 27, after the US vessel faced no opposition from the Chinese, soon after a state-run newspaper in China alleged they expelled the USS Barry "sheepishly" as a limp response.

Beijing sees the US as main block to totally dominate the South China Seas as they actively bully civilian vessels. However, they were seen scampering and just tracking US warships at a safe distance.

Later, they returning to resume coercive activities in the waters they are purloining. They are eager to grab resources and territory to fuel the CCP's ambitions.

It is a game of cat and mouse as US warships push out the Chinese Navy, but only return to continue activities one US ships have left.