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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June 24, 2020
image: Toby Melville/Reuters

After saying that he's willing to give evidence against the deceased financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Britain's Prince Andrew is said to be marked for death.

In a report by the National Enquirer's Junes 2020 issue, the Duke of York has been pressured immensely by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justin to squeal about the sex fiend and start naming names.

Epstein died under mysterious circumstances while he was in jail for federal sex trafficking charges.

According to the Enquirer's prison sources, Epstein told pals that he needed to kill himself or else, a bunch of shady rich men, influential figures, and sex slave traffickers would hurt the people he loved.

The 66-year-old's death in prison was ruled to be a suicide, despite many believing that many of Epstein's enemies have managed to infiltrate the New York City federal prison and murdered him.

Fears are high for the royal family, as it has been said that the same hands that had something to do with Jeffrey Epstein's death are also out to kill Prince Andrew.

Florida attorney Spencer Kuvin told the National Enquirer, "If you believe Epstein was murdered and if I were Prince Andrew, I would certainly be nervous."

Kevin represented three of Epstein's reported victims.

"If he has information regarding people who were in Epstein's circle and were concerned enough to take him out, I would be nervous that they would be coming after me as well."

Prince Andrew is Queen Elizabeth II's favorite son. The Enquirer believes that she would personally intervene to make sure that the Duke has 24/7 protection.

Insiders also told the publication that the monarch had ordered security to keep an eye on "Randy Andy."

A Buckingham Palace insider told the news portal, "The guards are there for personal protection, but now they will report to the queen's head of security and update Andrew's whereabouts."

"The Queen will not have Andrew blundering his way into any more scandals. She's keeping a tight leash on him from now on."

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's right-hand woman, has also vanished without a trace. His former business partner, Jean-Luc Brunel, went underground, leaving the Duke of York as the remaining key player in the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Steven Hoffenberg, also a disgraced financier, received 18 years in prison for a Ponzi scheme he claimed that Epstein was the mastermind.

Epstein escaped prosecution.

Hoffenberg called the royal's potential testimony a major threat to Epstein's scheming business partners.

Speaking to the National Enquirer, he said, "Epstein was a major player in the international sex trafficking business."

He added, In that line of work, there is no diplomatic protection. They don't care if you're a royal."

Though there were allegations that Prince Andrew sold girls and had sexually molested them, Hoffenberg revealed that the royal did not sell girls, but he was one of Epstein's closest friends.

The Duke of York has insisted that his former close friend's sex crimes have nothing to do with him. The 60-year-old father of two has also denied any improper misconduct against any woman.

However, the British national has been pictured with his arm around then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claimed that Epstein has forced her to have sex with the Prince in 2001.

Last year, Prince Andrew spoke in an interview and denied the accusations being thrown against him.

He claimed he couldn't even remember meeting her.