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Monday, June 15, 2020

June 15, 2020
Naked photos of Weinstein were shown as evidence to the jury after Jessica Mann, one of the two key accusers in his case and the woman he has been found guilty of raping, described her attacker's 'deformed body' as part of her testimony

  • Details of Harvey Weinstein's deformed genitals have been revealed
  • The physical oddity was first revealed in court during his rape trial
  • The condition has been identified as Fournier's gangrene, 'an acute infection of the genital region that diabetics and middle-aged men are prone to'
  • During the trial naked photos of Weinstein were shown to the jury after rape victim Jessica Mann described her attacker's 'deformed body' in her testimony
  • Harvey Weinstein said Mann's claims that his genitalia were 'physically deformed'

Even by the standards of an often graphic trial the evidence given by Harvey Weinstein's victims about his deformed genitalia was jaw-dropping.

According to aspiring actress and accuser, Jessica Mann, her first impression was that the disgraced movie producer might be 'intersex.'

Indeed, he appeared so abnormal – scarred and apparently without testes – that she felt 'compassion' for the man on trial for sexually assaulting her. And naked photographs of the fallen mogul were distributed among the jury rather than shown on the large screen as Manhattan's Assistant DA Joan Illuzi did not want to 'humiliate' him.

Now, can reveal the horrific truth behind the 68-year-old's deformity as Weinstein's life is laid bare in a three-part series in Graydon Carter's Digital News Weekly, 'Air Mail,' starting tomorrow.

The physical oddity that damned him in court was, in fact, the result of a life-threatening infection that saw Weinstein medevaced out of St Barts shortly after Christmas 1999.

According to the profile, 'At the time, Harvey blamed something he ate. But for years after, the tracheotomy scar from the scary, near-death experience was impossible to hide.'

He had been stricken with Fournier's gangrene, 'an acute infection of the genital region that diabetics and middle-aged men are prone to.'

Weinstein was both.

Some patients require skin grafts while extreme cases can require an orchiectomy – the removal of the testicles - as seems to have been the case with Weinstein.

Weinstein hinted at some sort of physical 'trauma' in an unreleased public statement in 2017 when he attempted to explain away his anger and sex addiction by recounting all that he had been through physically.

At the time he claimed, 'Vets tell me I have PTSD.'

Regardless of the truth of that statement an enduring and common side-effect, that seems to have affected Weinstein following the infection and numerous operations that saved him, is erectile dysfunction.

Author Phoebe Eaton revealed that one of the less savory jobs foisted upon Weinstein's 'hapless assistants' was 'procuring Harvey's meds, such as Caverject.'

Injected directly into the penis 5 to 20 minutes before intercourse, Caverject increases blood flow and can give a paraplegic with no function below the waist an erection.

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year-sentence for third-degree rape and a criminal sexual act. He is also facing additional charges in Los Angeles and a civil suit alleging two rapes and two additional sexual assaults.

A bid to be released from prison due to Covid-19 failed but Weinstein was sequestered in the prison infirmary amid a host of health issues including Type 2 diabetes, back problems that saw him hobble to court with a walker each day and heart troubles.

The profile paints Weinstein as a fat and bullied kid with cystic acne who turned into a fat and bullying adult with a pock-marked face.

He is described by one associate as 'an arrogant, ignorant a**hole, frankly.'

His younger brother Bob is described as, 'kind of the passive-aggressive version of the same.' Questions remain over whether Bob decided to 'sit on his hands' - and whether he finally decided to help to 'push his brother off the ledge'.

Detailing Weinstein's 'hyper-sexuality' Eaton reveals that assistants were 'routinely required to book flights and cars for many a perfectly willing female, depositing them at a Central Park South hotel on Harvey's way home.'

One, speaking on condition of anonymity admitted, 'Did that gross me out? Yes, it did. Also, adults are allowed to make decisions…These people appeared to be doing this with their eyes wide open.'

According to the assistant, one nameless A-list celebrity, received a $100,000 necklace from Weinstein for her birthday and 'hasn't peeped since the scandal broke.'

The attorney general's office referenced an entire tier of payroll employees with no apparent role other than brokering introductions to women.

And, Eaton reveals, Weinstein was sleeping with so many women that staff took to nicknaming those with whom he did most frequently, 'Harvey's Hookers.'

Outside his office, Eaton writes, 'A giant poster for the movie, 'The Libertine' sat parked on an easel Its tagline, scripted in red, advertised the bold presence within: 'He didn't resist temptation. He pursued it.'

Ultimately it caught up to him.



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