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Sunday, July 19, 2020

July 19, 2020
Christopher Devries of Jackson, New Hampshire, a prominent local far-left activist, was arrested Friday on child pornography and drugs charges. - Newspunch

A prominent Black Lives Matter activist responsible for organizing recent protests calling to “defund the police” has been arrested by police on a sickening array of child pornography charges.

37-year-old far-left protest organizer Christopher Devries of Jackson, New Hampshire was arrested Friday on charges of possession of child sexual abuse images and drugs, police said.

Devries was also charged with falsifying physical evidence after desperately attempting to destroy his smartphone during his arrest.

Devries has become the latest Black Lives Matter and Antifa leader to be exposed as a pedophile. Antifa militant Shaelyn Reed, who was arrested for felony assault at a protest in Portland last week, pled guilty to the second-degree rape of a child in 2017.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter leader, Micah Rhodes, who was found guilty of the statutory rapes of an underage girl and boy in 2018, recently complained in a lawsuit that he is at risk of catching Covid-19 in prison.

Conway Daily Sun reports: Devries’ home was raided by the Jackson Police Department and several other law enforcement agencies after executing a search warrant following a lengthy investigation into suspected child sex abuse activity, JPD said in a news release.

Far-left activist Devries was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Carroll County Jail, the release said.

He is charged with six counts of possession of child sexual abuse images, one count of possession of drugs and one count of falsifying physical evidence.

Jackson police also found psilocybin mushrooms during the search, according to the news release.

Each count of possession of child sexual abuse images, which is a Class A felony, is punishable by up to 15 years in state prison and a $4,000 fine.

Possession of psilocybin mushrooms, a Class B felony, is punishable by up to seven years in prison and a $4,000 fine.

The child abuse images reportedly showed underage girls in “lewd exhibition” of private parts or taking part in sexual activity.

Devries is being held without bail pending arraignment in Carroll County Superior Court in Ossipee on Monday, according to the news release.

Devries is a leader of a recent Black Lives Matter/Defund the Police protest he called “Skate Away the Hate.”

He also worked at the Municipal Budget Committee for the town of Conway, New Hamshire.

The “Skate Away the Hate” protest involved protesters riding bikes and skateboards down Route 16 in New Hampshire.

From a loudspeaker, Devries yelled demands he claims were conveyed to him by local Black Lives Matter chapters.

“If we divest funds from police and prison systems we all benefit,” said DeVries.

“Those funds can go to local communities and social services.

“I feel like this is one of the best things I can do as a father on Father’s Day…

“I want to live in a world where racism is not accepted or tolerated, and I don’t want to live in a community or know there are communities in this country where people are afraid of their local police,”
Devries shouted during the protest.

Jackson Police Chief Chris Perley warned that those calling to “defund the police” may have ulterior motives.

“I can’t comment on this case specifically or Mr. Devries as he is a charged criminal defendant pending adjudication and presumed innocent until proven guilty,” Chief Perley said.

“But I can say that generally speaking, people should be very cautious about listening to voices suggesting defunding of the police because their motives are not always in the best interest of society.”
By Baxter Dmitry

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