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Monday, July 20, 2020

July 20, 2020
Ms Windel said she worked as a masseuse on Little St James island (above) from 1999 until 2004

A masseuse has spoken of a session she had with a 'chatty' Prince Andrew while she worked on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Paedophile Island'.

Heidi Windel, now 75, has claimed to have given several non-sexual massages to the Duke of York when she was working on Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean island from 1999 until 2004.

She said Prince Andrew, 60, once had her in stitches by jokingly complaining about a mosquito bite on his 'royal arse', the New York Post reported.

'When the massage was over he got very chatty and had me in stitches talking about the errant mosquito that had evaded its net the night before and bitten his royal arse,' Ms Windel told digital news weekly Air Mail.

Epstein bought Little St James, a spot in in the US Virgin Islands, for $7.95million in 1998.

Ms Windel added that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's alleged procurer, was always on Little St James island with the billionaire.

During one work trip to the island, Ms Windel said she watched a thrill-seeking Maxwell, 58, struggle to land a helicopter, without a pilot's license.

She said: 'I'm watching in absolute horror a helicopter coming in from Tortola flying incredibly low — they're not supposed to fly that low!'

Ms Windel added that she was waiting for the helicopter to 'graze the tops of the many sailboats' in St Thomas's Christmas Cove, as the aircraft endangered the sailers.

She said when the helicopter finally landed, Maxwell came 'up the road, giggling'.

The masseuse said that she 'lost it' with Maxwell and 'let her have it with both barrels', as she was so angry.

Earlier this month, Epstein's ex-girlfriend Maxwell was dramatically arrested in New Hampshire and charged with procuring underage girls for him to abuse.

Maxwell denies any wrongdoing, but is set to stay in custody until a trial next year, after she was denied bail by a federal judge.

Convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was accused of forcing young women, including some who were underage, into participating in sexual orgies on the US Virgin Island.

Epstein took his life in jail last summer just weeks after New York prosecutors announced he would face multiple child sex charges.

Epstein is thought to have hosted a number of society's elite on the Caribbean island.

Bill Clinton is known to have flown on Epstein's 'Lolita Express' airplane and one alleged Epstein victim claims she saw the former president on the island.

Newly resurfaced footage from 2015 shows Donald Trump telling reporters to ask Prince Andrew about Jeffrey Epstein's 'pedophile island'.

In in an interview with Bloomberg, Trump said: 'That island was really a cesspool, there's no question about it. Just ask Prince Andrew, he'll tell you about it. The island was an absolute cesspool.'

Andrew has acknowledged that he visited Epstein on the Caribbean island and is under growing pressure to give evidence to US authorities, but says he never witnessed or suspected any of Epstein's crimes.

He has been at loggerheads with US prosecutors for months after they claimed he was failing to co-operate with their Epstein probe.

The Duke's lawyers say he has offered to help on 'at least three occasions this year' but US officials claim he has 'repeatedly declined our request' for an interview.

Royal commentators say the discrepancy may lie in the nature of the offer, with Andrew's lawyers offering a 'witness statement' while former US attorney Geoffrey Berman made it clear he was seeking an 'interview'.

Prince Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations against him.

MailOnline has contacted palace representatives in regards to these claims.


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