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Thursday, July 30, 2020

July 30, 2020
Prince Andrew drives his Range Rover at Windsor Credit: Jon Bond - The Sun

PRINCE Andrew was seen leaving a restaurant with "three young, blonde women" after partying with Ghislaine Maxwell, a Brit couple has claimed.
The couple spoke of their "very strange" experience when they stayed with Maxwell for a few days in New York - being shocked by her extravagant life.

Speaking anonymously, the couple revealed their encounter with Prince Andrew as allegations continue to swirl about his links to Maxwell and her pal paedophile finacier Jeffrey Epstein.

They claimed to have seen the Prince who attended a party which was thrown by Ghislaine at her lavish townhouse in Manhattan.

It is claimed also among the guests was a two-time Oscar winner - and the party played virtual games of tennis on a huge movie screen in Maxwell's basement.

And then the following night the couple went to dine at a neighbourhood restaurant and were told Andrew would be joining them, reports The Sunday Times.

"I remember seeing him sitting at a table at the far end with these three young blonde women when we walked in," the source said.

"He immediately got up, I imagined to join us, but instead he said goodbye and left with them in tow.

"It was all very strange.”

Epstein and Maxwell are alleged to have been at the centre of a sex trafficking ring which lured in girls for the billionaire to abuse.

Andrew is known to have for a time been friends with both of them, and is accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old sex slave at Maxwell's house in London.

The Duke of York strongly denies any allegations against him and said he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing while friends with Maxwell and Epstein.

Maxwell is believed to be the one who introduced Prince Andrew to Epstein, with her and the Duke already being pals from her time in the UK.

Andrew has admitted inviting Epstein to Windsor Castle and Sandringham in 2000 but said "remember that it was his girlfriend who was the key element in this" - insisting the financier was a "plus one" for Maxwell.

The Duke has been facing pressure to cooperate with authorities in the probe into Epstein and Maxwell, but his team claim he has repeatedly offered to aid prosecutors.

The couple who visited Maxwell in New York were stunned by how lavish her lifestyle was they were shown her enormous townhouse.

The wife said: "My first thought was, how did she afford this?

"I asked her about her work and she was adamant that she’d earned it all herself, that it was her money.

"I tried to get to the bottom of it, but she was quite vague."

Maxwell is the daughter of disgraced newspaper mogul Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991 when he fell from his yacht The Lady Ghislaine.

Her finances have come under scrutiny since her arrest, with it claimed she had at least $20million in up to 15 bank accounts when she was detained - with prosecutors describing her cash as "opaque".

She quickly moved to New York after her father's death - and at some point met Epstein, with claims the two were for sometime romantically linked.

One source speculated that Epstein actually knew Maxwell's dad and may have been involved in the pension scam that netted him hundreds of millions.

The source said: "I couldn’t work out at first how, the second Ghislaine landed in New York, she was all of a sudden — overnight really — very chummy with Jeffrey.

"Then he started spending on a different level, suddenly buying these extraordinary townhouses."

However, it is also speculated that Epstein and Maxwell may have never been in a romantic relationship.

The source suggested their relationship had actually been "business arrangement from day one" and had been about money.

"For a start he would never have been attracted to her. We know the kind of girls he liked," the source said.

"Also, why would she have been so interested in procuring girls for him? No girlfriend does that."

Epstein and Maxwell are known to have been regulars in high society - being pictured with numerous celebrities at parties and functions.

The financier rubbed shoulders with the world's elite, hiding in plain sight while being a sordid sex fiend behind closed doors.

He killed himself last August while awaiting trial for sex crimes, and now his close pal Maxwell is in jail preparing for her day in front of a judge.

Maxwell is accused of being his "pimp" or "madam" who would procure girls for him to abuse - with victims claiming they would be duped as she claimed she was recruiting models of masseurs.

The socialite has pleaded not guilty, and has always denied any wrongdoing over her friendship with Epstein.

Her lawyers have accused the victims of trying to turn her into a scapegoat since the death of Epstein.

Maxwell has been denied bail and faces one year in prison ahead of her trial next July as she faces six charges over her links to Epstein.

The Sun Online has contacted Prince Andrew's representatives regarding the claims he was seen with three women in New York after partying with Maxwell.

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