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Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 05, 2020
his image released by NBC shows host Ricky Gervais speaking at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020. (Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP)

Ricky Gervais reflected on his controversial Golden Globes speech that both rattled and lambasted many of Hollywood’s elite.

Gervais tore into the stars in attendance at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards when he hosted back in January. At the time, his jokes lecturing the stars for their ties to controversial people and companies and using their time on stage to make political statements clearly resonated with viewers, going viral almost immediately.

“It was quite zeitgeisty,” he told Yahoo Entertainment. “I suppose because people were tired of being lectured by multimillionaires telling them to recycle when they’re flying around in private jets. So I think people were tired of the hypocrisy.”

He told the outlet that, although his words were harsh, he himself doesn’t necessarily believe everything he says when taking a stance on stage. He merely tilts in favor of the best joke.

“I’ll often take a complete opposite stance to what I actually believe if it makes the joke better. I’ll pretend to be right-wing, left-wing or no-wing! It depends on the joke,” he explained.

Gervais also addressed Tom Hanks’ viral reaction to a joke in his speech. Viewers were quick to notice that it seemed like Hanks wasn’t happy with a joke the host made about Felicity Huffman, who had recently ended a stint in prison for her role in the college admissions scandal.

“I came here in a limo tonight and the license plate was made by Felicity Huffman,” said Gervais. “It’s her daughter I feel sorry for. That must be the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to her, and her dad was in ‘Wild Hogs.’”

Speaking to Yahoo, the star noted that he doesn’t believe Hanks was genuinely upset.

“I don’t think he was anti what I was saying,” he said. “I think he sort of thought, ‘Oh, this is a bit hot. Is this OK?’”

He noted that he hasn’t spoken to Hanks since that night, when the actor accepted the coveted Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Cecil B. DeMille Award. However, Gervais made sure to highlight how much the audience loved it when he took a jab at Leonardo DiCaprio that made the actor laugh.
“But the flip side of it, when I teased Leonardo [DiCaprio], and he really laughed, people loved that! People love a celebrity going, ‘You got me.’ That’s all you have to do,” Gervais said.

The joke in question saw “The Office” creator poke fun at the length of DiCaprio’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” for being three hours long.

"Leonardo DiCaprio attended the premiere and, by the end, his date was too old for him," Gervais cracked.

He added: "Even Prince Andrew is like, 'Come on Leo, mate. You’re nearly 50."