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Saturday, August 8, 2020

August 08, 2020
Amin al-Zahed can be seen lying on a rescue boat, with a member of the military looking after him Credit:AFP via Getty Images

A PORT worker covered in blood was found alive 30 hours after the Beirut explosion blew him into the sea.

Brave Amin al-Zahed was discovered in the Mediterranean sea by a rescue team yesterday.

He can be seen lying on the deck of a rescue boat, his clothes torn from his body, with a blood-soaked bandage wrapped around his head.

Amin's photo was posted on an Instagram page dedicated to finding missing citizens after he disappeared in the blast that tore through the city yesterday.

In stark contrast to the picture on the Instagram page, Amin was pictured covered in blood, lying on the deck of a ship moments after he had been pulled from the ocean.

According to reports from Al-Arabiya, Amin was rushed to Rafic Hariri University Hospital in Beirut.

Although, in an interview on Lebanese TV today, his family said they had checked that hospital and were unable to find him.

His condition is currently unknown.

Lebanese rescue teams have been working around the clock to find missing people and those trapped under rubble of collapsed buildings.

A young girl, who was also missing, was found alive after being lodged under debris for 24 hours.

Yesterday footage showed the moment a bride ran for her life during the devastating explosion.

Newlywed Israa Seblani, 29, was seen draped in a shining white gown and smiling for the camera before a thunderous blast rings out just one kilometre away in the Lebanese capital.

135 people have been killed and around 5,000 injured in the blast - caused by the explosion of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate.

Desperate relatives have been scrambling around piles of destroyed buildings, in the hope that they find missing loved ones.

A crowd could be heard cheering "Issam is alive!" as a man was pulled to freedom and placed on a stretcher.

A nurse was hailed a hero after saving three newborn babies from a hospital that was pulled apart by the blast.

In the clip, shared yesterday on Twitter, the bride is seen beaming as her photographer Mahmoud Nakib zooms in on her wedding dress.

But seconds later, a gigantic explosion is heard in the distance - with the force of the blast picked up by the microphone.

The camera then pans away to a quiet residential street where clouds of dust from the explosion have already created a thick smog.

Residents of nearby apartments are then seen hurrying across the street as the bride makes a dash for cover.


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