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Friday, August 7, 2020

August 07, 2020

Several European nations are pushing more draconian lockdowns despite the media previously claiming they had “beaten back” the coronavirus.

Belgium, for example, is threatening a “total lockdown,” including a restriction in which “a family or those living together can meet only the same five people from outside their household over the next four weeks,” and Spain and France are also threatening similar lockdowns.

“The Belgian government has warned that country could be put into a second ‘complete lockdown’ following a significant spike in infections, while the Spanish region of Catalonia may also have to reintroduce lockdown measures if outbreaks are not brought under control within 10 days,” reported The Guardian. “In France, the health minister has called for greater vigilance after a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases in young people, and Germany’s public health advisory body has said it is ‘deeply concerned’ about the rise in cases over the past few weeks.”

This despite the New York Times declaring in June that France had “beaten back the coronavirus,” and other outlets had also said similar things about other countries.

“President Emmanuel Macron’s government has beaten back the coronavirus, prevented mass layoffs, propped up the salaries of the unemployed, staved off long food lines, and achieved a lower death rate than its neighbors, Germany excepted,” the Times reported. “Mr. Macron ordered a strict lockdown that lasted nearly two months, and when it was over the virus was barely circulating.”

So either the strict lockdown didn’t work, or the lockdowns in general are serving a different agenda.

“With these new restrictions will come more economic devastation, more unemployment, more suicide, more drug overdoses, and more cancer death,” quipped Ryan McMaken of the Mises Institute. “This cycle is likely to repeat itself, because lockdowns do not make diseases go away. They only—assuming the theory behind the lockdown is actually true—spread out infections into the future.”

“Consequently, it increasingly looks like the global public should expect regimes to keep locking down their citizens again and again. The only way this cycle will end is if (a) populations revolt against lockdowns or (b) herd immunity is reached either through widespread transmission or through a vaccine.”
There’s been admitted discrepancies in “official” Covid-19 case counts by government officials, yet this hasn’t stopped politicians from extending lockdowns by touting inaccurate numbers.

Such was the case in Florida where several labs reported zero negative results despite over 3,500 COVID tests, which a university professor labeled a “scandal begging for press coverage” as it lead to further restrictions in the state.


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