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Thursday, August 27, 2020

August 27, 2020
image: NGO Tweet

A German Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has said that it will go to court so that it has the right to continue trafficking illegal immigrants from Turkey to Greece.

“BREAKING: #Germany detains our two ships! We are not allowed to sail! German Minister of Transport [Andreas] Scheuer deliberately took this into account with the changes in the ship safety regulation. We will take legal actions & urge for an accelerated response to repeal the detention!” the Mare Liberum NGO said on Twitter.

The NGO says on its website that “With our ship we are present off the coast of the Greek island of Lesvos. […] We want to place emphasis on the importance of this mission and its continuation. People are forced onto unseaworthy boats trying to escape the ‘safe third country’ Turkey on a daily basis. Their reception in the EU is not only wholly inadequate but also contrary to basic human rights. The unnecessary suffering of people searching for a better, safer life on the outskirts of wealthy Europe continues.”

Of course it is an illusion to consider Greece a wealthy European country, especially after the policies of Berlin during the economic crisis completely crushed Greece financially.

Mare Luberum, which facilitates human trafficking from Turkey into Greece, openly operates from the port of Skala Loutron, a small village in the southeastern part of Lesvos.

The NGO then made a video announcement from their Twitter, proclaiming their intention to take the German government to court, saying in the Tweet: “While pushbacks are taking place in the Aegean on a daily basis under the eyes of the public, Germany blocks our mission for refugees. Hanno from board the SEBASTIAN K: “We are furious and won’t accept this!””

“Now it’s official. Today we received a detention order by the German authorities,” a spokesperson said on Twitter.

He continued to explain that the Mare Liberum ship, the namesake of the organization, and their second ship, Sebastian K, are not allowed to sail.

“Thereby the authorities apply the recent change of law by the right-winged German federal Minister of Transportation. The Minister aims to block sea rescue of refugees, humanitarian and monitoring missions,” he continued to say, adding “We do not accept this! It’s our duty to restart our mission in the Aegean Sea.”

“Pushbacks are happening on a daily basis. That means that people are illegally pushed back over the border to Turkey. They are left on small islets. That is unacceptable! We are furious! We will set sail again!” he said.

He then said that the NGO plans to go to court to repeal the new unspecified law.

“We will go to court to fight against this recent change of law. This is illegitimate! It is against international and higher ranking German law. We will urge for an accelerated response to repeal the detension, in order to go back to sea as soon as possible!” he said.

“We will fight for solidarity and the rights of refugees in Europe. We will not stop!” he concluded.

Of course the NGO spokesman did not explain that the human trafficking they are conducting is for illegal immigrants and not refugees. Once in Turkey, considered a safe country, they have found refuge, and therefore their people smuggling into Greece is facilitating illegal immigration, not moving refugees.

In addition, he of course did not mention how crime, including murder, rape and drug use, has skyrocketed in Lesvos, that virtually did not exist until the migration crisis.

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