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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

August 05, 2020

Long-awaited footage finally released Monday shows Black Lives Matter martyr George Floyd repeatedly refusing officers’ orders and resisting arrest during his final moments before he died at the hands of police.

The police body cam footage, which documents the crucial moments that led up to the 8-minute knee-on-neck video that sparked months of protests, starts with an officer approaching Floyd’s vehicle, tapping on the window, opening his door, and asking him to put his hands up, which Floyd appears reluctant to do even as the officer trains his gun on him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Floyd tells the officer, who continues to tell him to put his hands up. “Please, I didn’t do nothing. I didn’t do nothing,” he tells the officer.

When the officer tells Floyd to exit the vehicle, he begins sobbing and begging not to be shot claiming he was shot in a previous police encounter. Meanwhile, he stays put in the driver’s seat refusing multiple orders to get out.

After having much difficulty getting Floyd out of his car, police are finally able to handcuff him and place him against a wall, as they proceed to interview two passengers who were in the vehicle with him.

At this point, previously-released store surveillance footage appears to show Floyd dispose of small baggies appearing to contain white powder.

“Are you on something right now?” an officer asks Floyd as they hoist him to his feet. “Because you’re acting erratic.”

“No,” he responds.

Footage next shows Floyd being escorted across a street where he’s ordered to enter the back of a police SUV, but he resists efforts to be placed in the car, claiming he’s scared.

“I am claustrophobic, for real,” Floyd tells the officers, agreeing to enter the vehicle only if an officer stays with him.

But despite his assurances, Floyd continues to resist being put inside the vehicle and struggles against officers’ attempts to force him in, saying, “I’m going to go in. I’m going to go in. Why you don’t believe me officers? I’m not that kind of guy. I’m not that kind of guy. Please man. Y’all, I’m-a die in here.”

“Man, I don’t want y’all to win. I don’t want y’all to win. I don’t want to win,” Floyd says. “I’m claustrophobic and I have anxiety. I don’t want to do none of this.”

After still refusing to enter the vehicle, the footage shows an officer go around the other side of the transport to help pull Floyd in from the other side.

Floyd begins screaming erratically as police attempt to place him in the vehicle, then kicks his way out of the other side of the car, saying, “I’m-a lay on the ground.”

The rest of the footage, showing officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for about eight minutes until he passes out, is what the media have chosen to focus in on.

While Floyd’s death is a clear-cut tragedy, the footage demonstrates he was behaving erratically and was non-compliant with officers’ demands, suggesting he may have survived the situation had he obeyed officers’ orders, rather than struggle against their repeated efforts to place him in custody.

Essentially, the footage destroys the left’s narrative that portrayed Floyd as an innocent saint. That’s why they waited so long to release it.



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