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Friday, October 30, 2020

October 30, 2020
image via biometricupdate

Over 6B digital ID apps will be in use by 2025

Findings of a new study conducted by Juniper Research have revealed that digital identity apps in use will jump from a little over one billion this year to more than 6.2 billion by 2025.

The company announced key outcomes of research showing civic identity apps, in which government-issued identities are held in an app, will account for almost 90 percent of digital identity apps installed globally by that year.

This, the study found, will be possible thanks to significant increase in the use of civic identity in emerging markets and because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic which will continue to be felt by people for a very long time.

The new study titled ‘Digital Identity: Technology Evolution, Regulatory Landscape and Forecasts 2020-2025’ also projects that because many more people have been forced to seek certain services via digital means as a result of the pandemic, there will be a sharp increase in civic identity of 467 percent within the five-year period under consideration by the study.

Another major finding of the study is that civic identity apps are set to beat the total number of digital identity cards in use within three years from now (2023), with such apps being up to 41 percent higher in number than the cards by 2025. This, according to the study, is due to the fact that apps appear much easier to use and are known to support a greater level of engagement in digital commercial transactions.

Explaining the projection, the co-author of the research study, Nick Maynard, said “civic identity apps have come into their own as a way to boost digital financial participation, particularly in emerging economies,” adding that this capability will play an essential role in driving up digital engagements especially in the post-pandemic dispensation.

Meanwhile, the study has also revealed that blockchain will be crucial for the security and future of digital identity “with blockchain-based third-party digital identity apps accounting for 16% of all installed third-party identity apps in 2025.”

Blockchain, as per the findings by Juniper Research, is also projected to be a major means of securing federated data in a way that will enhance trust and transparency.

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