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Saturday, October 24, 2020

October 24, 2020

There are 10 million people in Ireland. 10 million people who are going to be put under house arrest, starting today and going for at least six weeks. They won’t be able to move more than 3 miles from their homes, they’ll be allowed to ‘exercise’ within 3 miles. The same thing as what we’re seeing in Australia,” reports David Knight on 10/21/2020’s show.

“Why? Because they said they had 1,283 positive tests. They’ve had NO DEATHS in the last 24 hours, in the last week, they had only 3 deaths that they alleged were caused by COVID. Three deaths in the last week out of a population of 10 million. Despite this, they’re still going to lock everybody and everything down. Why? Because they want to.”

“This isn’t science, this isn’t even logic. They have tests that don’t measure anything, both the PCR test and the new Abbott Labs rapid test.”

“The PCR test, first of all, can’t distinguish one coronavirus from another (the common cold and seasonal flu are both coronaviruses). Beyond that, they clearly state that it isn’t quantitative. The inventor of the test, who won a Nobel prize for it, said it can’t be used to diagnose because it magnifies a tiny trace of this stuff. You don’t know what the viral load is, that’s why you have people testing positive who aren’t sick, who don’t have symptoms, and aren’t contagious.”

“Not only is the Abbott Labs test not quantitative, same as the PCR, it doesn’t even pretend to measure a virus. Back in July the CDC said they don’t have any isolates of this. So what is the Abbott Labs test even measuring? They’re measuring some proteins that they say are associated with the virus that they say they don’t have isolates of.”

“These tests only measure your ability, or inability, to think. I’m not surprised that these politicians are doing this, they’re machiavellian bastards. I’m disappointed with the people in western civilization. So easily gaslighted into giving up their freedom and dignity because of this psychological control.”

“They’re using these tests as a political excuse. This isn’t medicine, science, or math, they’re not testing anything. It’s simply politics, propaganda, and excuses to impose the Chinese communist fascist system on you.”

“The model that they’re using is exactly the Chinese government’s model. It’s being put into place by globalist quislings of communist China.”

“They’ve got the full Chinese surveillance system on your phone with the red, yellow, and green codes where you can’t go anywhere unless you’ve been tested. Exactly the same as the system the Chinese rolled out back in March.”

“Here in America, Business Insider reports that is Trump ‘sitting’ on $9 billion earmarked for COVID-19 testing. They’re blaming it on Scott Atlas because he is the only person in the Trump administration who isn’t on board with this, the only one. A White House official told Business Insider that the funds have NOT YET BEEN REQUESTED by the states. They’re NOT holding this back because Scott Atlas has pointed out that this is a fraud.”

The White House official went on to say, “I’d also note that we recently announced the deployment of 150 million tests to states, so by no means are we winding down testing.”

Knight comments, “And they’ve got a lot more than that. They’ve set aside enough money for 2 billion of these tests and that’s just for starters.”

“They want to do another $75 billion for testing and contact tracing. We’re talking about TENS OF BILLIONS OF TESTS for 330 million people, that’s a lot of daily testing.”

“Reason magazine reports that ‘rapid home COVID tests are the best path to a new normal but they’re illegal’. As I said before, it’s NOT a test if it doesn’t measure the QUANTITY. Maybe Reason can’t reason that out.”

“Nevertheless, what’s the problem with doing this at home? It’s because it cuts their surveillance out of the loop. You can get these at-home test kits for $1 apiece as opposed to the $5 for the Abbott Labs test, the difference is that Abbott Labs has their built-in ‘Health-Pass’ and reporting structure. The reason they want to keep this illegal is because it’s all about the TRACKING. That’s why they’re using a test that has a 93% false-positive rate, so they can use it as an excuse to lock this country down just like they’ve done in Ireland. They’re going to be doing this everywhere to everybody,” concluded Knight.

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