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Sunday, November 29, 2020

November 29, 2020

Former BBC reporter Martin Bashir told Princess Diana that security forces with the British Crown were planning to kill her, prior to the now-infamous interview that the two did together, according to a new documentary set to air on channel 4 in the UK.

The documentary is titled “The Diana Interview: The Truth Behind the Scandal.”

Bashir reportedly shared the information with her in order to gain her confidence and secure a coveted interview with the princess.

He even reportedly showed her proof that there was a plot against her, which included bank statements. Royal investigators and the BBC insist that these documents were fakes.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton says that Bashir warned her that “They’re going to wipe you.”

Morton says Diana was left ‘terrified’ after being ‘fed stories’ by Bashir.

There have also been accusations that executives at the BBC were aware of Bashir’s practices. Footage has surfaced which shows BBC executives, including former director-general Tony Hall, the corporation’s head of news in 1995, praising Bashir in reference to the interview, saying that he “works very hard at getting into your confidence.”

Now, new management at the BBC is promising a proper investigation, and they have found in old documents that Lord Hall let Bashir off the hook when he was accused of faking bank statements.

Morton says the BBC reporter played on Diana’s fears that members of the royal family were out to get her.

“They were implicated in this kind of dark conspiracy, to the point where Diana thought that her head was on the chopping block,” Mr Morton says.

A BBC spokesman said the company was “determined to get to the truth of what happened”

That’s why we have appointed [former Master of the Rolls] Lord Dyson to lead a fully independent investigation. It is vital that everyone with information shares that with Lord Dyson, so that he can investigate thoroughly and draw his conclusions having heard all the evidence,” the spokesman said.

Alan Waller, the former head of security for Diana’s brother, claims that he was exploited by the journalist.

Waller told the Telegraph,This man has become a multi-millionaire by using me. I am the fall guy. Bashir has effectively stolen my identity, stolen my banking information, and then used it to frame me as the fall guy. That is exactly what he has done. He has framed me thinking I would never find out. It has had a devastating effect on me.”

Waller said that the accusations against him nearly drove him to take his own life.

He said he has also lost “substantial business deals” because of the alleged bank statements.

Waller said that no one from the BBC approached him for his version of events for the original story. He said that he even wrote a letter requesting an apology which he claims was ignored.

Waller is reportedly considering making a formal complaint to police and suing Bashir personally.

The death of Princess Dianna is still unexplained, and there are many people who still believe that some type of foul play was involved.


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