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Monday, November 23, 2020

November 23, 2020

*Note: cannot confirm the article that follows*

George Soros has been arrested and is currently being held in federal custody in Philadelphia. According to a recently unsealed indictment filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Soros has been charged with a number of serious crimes relating to the US election.
The indictment lists only on the criminal activity Soros participated in prior to the November election, such as wire fraud, identity theft, aiding and abetting, and damage to computers.

The FBI stated that the indictment will likely be updated to reflect election interference charges in relation to Dominion Voting, once the full scale of Soros’ operations has been exposed. Soros is currently being interrogated by the FBI.

It is also notable that the judge put a publication ban on Soros’ arrest, however these laws are not enforceable with non-US media.

Rebel News – a renowned alternative media outlet – previously reported on the connection between George Soros, the Tides Foundation, and Dominion Voting.

According to reporter Keean Bexte,

Dominion Voting has come under fire after their vote tabulation machines created a 6,000 vote swing in a single Michigan state county. The same machines and software were used in every single county in Georgia and in several other swing states that just sent their electoral votes to Joe Biden (for now).

Bexte has provided evidence that suggests George Soros may have had a bigger role in the US election than previously thought.

The FBI have confirmed they are aware of Soros’ operations in Canada, and have executed a search warrant on Soros’ home and offices in Toronto.

Many have speculated that globalist billionaire Soros may have rigged Canada’s recent election in JustinTrudeau’s favor after questionable voting patterns were exposed.


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