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Friday, November 27, 2020

November 27, 2020
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The Trump legal team has seen a victory in Nevada this week, after a judge agreed to allow the Trump campaign to present its evidence that fraud and illegalities took place during the state’s election. The Trump team claims that fraud was so widespread during the election that it changed the outcome.

Trump officials announced this week that a Nevada judge will allow them to present 15 depositions, with a deadline of December 3rd, and if they make a strong case, it could cause the rejection of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots in Democratic Clark County, where Biden ballots outnumbered Trump ballots by 91,000 in unofficial counts.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tweeted that this is a big win and expressed confidence in the evidence that the team has.

American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, a member of Trump’s team handling the Nevada case said, “It gives us a real chance, if to do nothing else, to begin to show this historic level of fraud.”

In its court filing from November 17th, the Trump team made several allegations of voter fraud, most notably the accusation that the signatures on hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were not verified by human officials, which is required by law.

“The biggest thing which is true in all of these states we’re talking about, including in Georgia, where a third of the ballots were cast in the mail, Nevada, half the ballots were cast in the mail, with no legal signature verification, certainly not in Clark County — that is the big treasure trove of illegal balloting in all of these states,” Schlapp said on Fox News Tuesday.

The campaign also has testimony from a blind person who claims somebody else voted for her and that she was barred from voting as a result. They also allege that Native Americans were offered bribes of TVs and gas cards for their vote. The Native American vote was largely responsible for Biden’s win in the state.

“Our filing said we have over 15 individuals and tens of thousands more from mail-in fraud. We have enough to switch the outcome,” Schlapp said.

“So, this is big news — you know, a lot of people in the national media have said, you know, if you have evidence of voter fraud, show it. Well, we have thousands and thousands of examples of real people in real-life instances of voter illegality. And I just think it’s a great step that we’re going to have a chance to present it. A court if we get a fair hearing. I believe the results in Nevada should be switched,” Schlapp told Sean Hannity of Fox News. The interview can be seen below.

On Wednesday, a judge in Pennsylvania halted further certification of the state’s election results. This is not enough to hand Trump the election or even the state of Pennsylvania, but it is enough to keep his struggling legal battle alive.

The Trump legal team claims that Republican poll watchers were prevented from inspecting mail-in ballots in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

The Trump team also claims that more than 670,000 ballots lacked proper inspection, and are demanding that those votes be thrown out.


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