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Sunday, November 22, 2020

November 22, 2020
© AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

Last week, the same Trump election fraud team attorney promised to “release the Kraken” and expose a plot by the Democrat Party, Silicon Valley, the mainstream media, and foreign actors to rob Donald Trump of victory in the 3 November vote.

Sidney Powell, the former Texas assistant district attorney and lawyer to General Michael Flynn who is now working as the vote-fraud investigator for the Trump campaign, has repeated her as-yet unsubstantiated claim that Venezuela and its late President Hugo Chavez were involved in America's 2020 election drama and the Dominion voting-machine scandal, adding that she now also suspects CIA involvement as well.
“Another benefit Dominion was created to award was what I would call election insurance. That’s why Hugo Chavez had it created in the first place. But I always wonder where he got the technology, where it actually came from. Because I think it’s ‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’ from the CIA,” she said, speaking to Newsmax and referring to an alleged deep-state-operated supercomputer known as ‘The Hammer’ and software called ‘Scorecard’ purportedly used by the US intelligence agency to alter ballot counts.

“I wonder how much the CIA actually had a role in starting this kind of programme to begin with to use on other countries,” the attorney added.

'Biblical' Revelation

Powell said the Trump legal team was in the process of preparing a new election fraud-related lawsuit in the state of Georgia, promising that the revelations would be 'Biblical' in nature.

“Hopefully this week we will get it ready to file, and it will be Biblical,” Powell said.

“Georgia is extremely bad. We’ve got ballots being shredded, ballots being thrown out in trash bags, lying by people working in the centre, the votes being switched, the algorithms being run. You name the manner of fraud and it occurred in Georgia,” the attorney suggested.

Earlier, Trump election legal team attorney Jay Sekulow echoed Powell’s hyperbole, promising “shocking” new developments in a lawsuit such as “nothing that we have talked about before” being filed either on Monday or Tuesday.

Alleged Fraud Involving Governor, Late Venezuelan Leader, CIA

Georgia Republican governor Brian Kemp certified the presidential election results in former Vice-President Joe Biden’s favour on Friday, saying the Trump campaign would have the chance “to pursue other legal options and a separate recount if they chose,” given the razor-thin estimated 12,000-vote margin between Biden and Trump in the final tally.

Powell described Kemp’s certification as “a total farce".
“Georgia’s probably gonna be the first state I’m gonna blow up, and Mr Kemp and the secretary of state need to go with it, because they’re in on the Dominion scam with their last-minute purchase or award of a contract to Dominion of $100 million,” the lawyer said, referring to the voting machine company she had previously accused of fraud, as well as long-standing clandestine ties to foreign governments, including Cuba, China, and Venezuela.

US Voting Machines and Venezuela: Is There Any Connection?

Powell and other members of Trump’s legal team have yet to provide any proof to support claims of connections between Dominion voting machines and the Venezuelan government or Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013.

Smartmatic, a company lawyers have accused of providing software to Dominion, is actually a competitor firm, according to the AP, and its equipment was not used in any of the battleground states during the recent election cycle. The company is headquartered in London, and was founded by three Venezuelan nationals in Florida in the late Nineties, but is not known to have any ties with the Venezuelan government. Over the years, the company has provided election equipment to countries across Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

Dominion Voting Systems is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and Denver, Colorado, US, and sells its products mostly to those two countries, as well as Serbia. Last week, the company issued a press release in which it "categorically" denied that any "vote switching" or "software issues" took place.

Enough ‘Hardcore Evidence’ for Significant Jail Time

In her Newsmax interview, Powell indicated that the Trump team has already introduced plenty of “hardcore evidence” to substantiate the President's election fraud allegations. "There are people who saw ballots being destroyed. We’ve got evidence from people who saw ballots being created. We’ve got all kinds of different evidence, and then we’ve got the statistical and mathematical evidence that’s absolutely irrefutable,” she said.“With everything we’ve got, these should be criminal prosecutions at a significant level for fraud and conspiracy to defraud, provable beyond a reasonable doubt. There are hundreds of thousands of people in our criminal system right now in prison who were convicted on far less evidence of guilt than we have here,” Powell added.

On Thursday, the Trump election legal team, led by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, presented the first of its evidence of alleged vote fraud at a press conference in Washington, DC. Democrat officials, US media and even some Republicans have dismissed the President’s fraud claims, and asked him to concede.


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