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Monday, December 14, 2020

December 14, 2020
© AP Photo / Ludovic Marin

(Sputnik News) - The American billionaire and Microsoft founder has been repeatedly warning that the country would see “lots of additional” coronavirus-related deaths if the nation does not follow restrictive measures to prevent thespread of the dangerous disease.

Bill Gates told CNN on Sunday that bars and restaurants in most of the country will be closed and, “sadly, that’s appropriate”. He added that “tradeoffs need to be made”, as “the next four-six months really call on us to do our best”.

According to Gates, by the summer of 2021, life will be “way closer to normal” than it is now, but even through early 2022, the risk of reintroduction will remain, Gates said.
“About for another nine months big public gatherings will still be restricted. But we can see now that somewhere between twelve to eighteen months we have a chance to get back to normal,” he concluded.

Last week the Microsoft founder stated that he doesn't believe the world will completely return to normal life until halfway through 2022. Back in October, Gates blasted the way that the Trump administration had been handling the coronavirus pandemic, predicting "lots of additional deaths".

To date, the US has registered over 16.2 million COVID-19 cases, along with at least 298,000 deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic, according to data provided by the Johns Hopkins University.


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