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Monday, December 21, 2020

December 21, 2020

After a few days of leftwing media positing that President Trump would institute Martial Law as a means to hang on to power past the end of his term, Trump put an end to those rumours in a tweet.

“Martial law = Fake News,” he wrote. “Just more knowingly bad reporting.”

CNN reported on Saturday that Trump was considering invoking martial law, which involves the military suspension of normal law. However, according to Trump, this is not true.

The rumours were apparently sparked by General Michael Flynn, who, according to CNN, “had suggested earlier this week that Trump could invoke martial law as part of his efforts to overturn the election that he lost to President-elect Joe Biden.”

CNN reported that the concept “arose again during the meeting in the Oval Office, one of the people said. It wasn’t clear whether Trump endorsed the idea, but others in the room forcefully pushed back and shot it down.”

The New York Times reported that “During an appearance on the conservative Newsmax channel this week, Mr. Flynn pushed for Mr. Trump to impose martial law and deploy the military to ‘rerun’ the election. At one point in the meeting on Friday, Mr. Trump asked about that idea.”

Trump calls this, and so much of mainstream media reporting, “fake news.” The mainstream media has been reporting not only recently but for the past for years that Trump would not abide the rule of law in the event that he were not elected to a second term.

The concept that Trump would not leave office and will remain in the White House despite the longstanding American tradition of peaceful transitions of power is unfounded.


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