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Saturday, December 12, 2020

December 12, 2020

The family of Jeffrey Epstein's suspected associate Ghislaine Maxwell is allegedly preparing to go to great lengths to secure her freedom months ahead of her trial on sex trafficking charges, with her legal team repeatedly lamenting the extremely "onerous" conditions their defendant is kept in.

Jeffrey Epstein's suspected "madam" Ghislaine Maxwell is set to pledge $30 million in bail money as she strives to secure her freedom before the Christmas holidays, The Daily Telegraph reported, saying her lawyers will try to settle the matter soon.

The media outlet cited the British socialite's friends as blasting the US authorities for "demonising" her for the sake of covering up their "incompetence and embarrassment" over the death of her former partner Jeffrey Epstein. He was found dead in his prison cell after being slapped with new child sex trafficking charges.

The report in The Telegraph appears to confirm for the first time that Maxwell is indeed married to tech entrepreneur Scott Borgerson, 44, who is purportedly ready to splash out a hefty $25 million as security which the couple would lose if the socialite attempts to flee.

According to Maxwell's friends, Borgerson (prosecutors mentioned in July that Maxwell was married without giving any details about who her Mr Right was) is devastated that she is still in custody, amid reports of "uniquely onerous conditions" there.

The socialite's siblings, including her brothers Kevin and Ian Maxwell, are reportedly offering a further $5 million in financial guarantees, thereby reaching $30 million in total to be put up for bail.

Maxwell is reportedly seeking bail in the format of home confinement, whereby she will be obliged to wear an electronic tag. Since she has three passports – French, British, and American – she is also supposedly willing to give up any right to prevent her extradition from France to try and persuade the judge to free her.

US District Court Judge Alison Nathan, who rejected Maxwell's previous bid in July to be freed on $5 million bail, ruled last week that Maxwell, the daughter of British media magnate Robert Maxwell, can now renew her request for release from the New York jail under one condition: she'll have to do it at an open bail hearing.

The socialite had earlier asked for the said proceedings to be held behind closed doors citing private information she would prefer not to share.

Maxwell, 58, is currently languishing in a Brooklyn detention centre in solitary confinement, being subjected to checks every 15 minutes even during her sleep, according to her legal team. Her lawyers have repeatedly claimed she is being treated worse than any terrorist or murderer, being surveilled around the clock for fears she could repeat her friend Epstein's behaviour before her trial slated for next summer.

During the proceedings, Maxwell is due to appear before a New York judge and jury over the alleged procurement of underage sex slaves for Epstein, who years before his suicide, had been convicted of paedophilia. If convicted on all of the six federal charges she has been slapped with since her arrest in New Hampshire in summer, Maxwell will be put behind bars for 35 years. She has repeatedly denied the allegations of any wrongdoing, saying she distanced herself from Epstein years before his detention.


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