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Saturday, December 26, 2020

December 26, 2020
image via nbc news

Speculation is very dangerous, and this piece is speculative “news”. However, it is also real information about what is going on that explains why President Trump is not conceding the election. To cover it accurately as possible, we include two videos.

The mainstream media is not covering this, but The Epoch Times and Steve Turley both are, as are several other independent sources, like the Liberal Hivemind and Finance Hub channels on YouTube. We present two videos here. 

The first is from Dr. Steve Turley noting the possibility that Mike Pence may refuse to accept the falsely certified votes coming from Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia… in other words, the states in which the election is being contested by the Trump legal team. If he does this, and it appears that he can according to Constitutional provisions, then Trump has a path to victory almost outright. 

He may do it todayor any time before January 6th. The report, to be sure, stipulates that Wednesday, December 23 was the day this should have taken place, and regrettably, the report was filed on Thursday the 24th (Wednesday evening in the US – one wonders how that happened – wink, wink, Big Tech.) However, the fact that the report exists may indicate there is still the option that Mr. Pence could take this action.

The second video also describes this situation from the viewpoint of Roman Balmakov of the Epoch Times.

Is this a long shot? Personally, I think it is. Logic is indeed on Trump’s side. Truth is on his side. The election is not an honest one; anyone seeing the hearings about this cannot resist the data as it is extremely consistent.

The real test here is one of courage. Mr. Trump has it. Does VP Pence? Do the other members of Congress who wish to contest this matter? Will they act in light of the truth or cave in to political and peer pressure?

The MSM reaction (silence) tells us what their expectations are. Indeed, were it to be that VP Pence does strike the election down as illegitimate, the MSM will have blown real scoop material because they will have to catch up after forty days and more of reporting “move along; nothing to see here…”, a move that will surely inflame much of the nation to violent rioting. This certainty is likely what cows many GOP people who would otherwise support the challenge. The problem is that their going along with the Democrats and their pressure will only lead to the GOP’s destruction as a political party. The Trump supporters are extremely energized and they will not forgive such a sellout.

This is the gamble, I believe, that most of the GOP has taken – they think this will be forgotten if. They. Would. Just. Stop. With the. Election. Challenges. However, Trump is driven by something higher – the fact that this election’s results were arrived at in a conniving and dishonest manner, one which could plunge the nation into deep jepaordy. For the President and his supporters, this cannot be allowed to pass.


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