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Sunday, January 10, 2021

January 10, 2021

More human beings died in abortions than any other cause of death in 2020, a new report indicates.
A heartbreaking reminder about the prevalence of abortion, statistics compiled by Worldometers indicate that there were over 42.6 million abortions world-wide in 2020. The independent site collects data from governments and other reputable organizations and then reports the data, along with estimates and projections, based on those numbers. It reveals 42,655,372 people died from abortions in 2020.

When contrasting the abortion numbers to other causes of death, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, traffic accidents and suicide, abortions far outnumbered every other cause.

By contrast, 8.7 million people died from cancer in 2020, 5 million from smoking, 13 million from disease, and 1.7 million died of HIV/AIDS. Deaths by malaria and alcohol are also recorded.

And when compared to the coronavirus, the number of people dying from abortions dwarfs the number of coronavirus deaths. Worldomters indicates that 1,830,979 people died from the coronavirus worldwide in 2020. There is considerable question as to whether those figures are accurate, as the CDC and state figures in the United States indicate 40-50% of deaths from the coronavirus aren’t actually directly resulted from the virus itself, but are of people who had the virus and died from some other cause.

But assuming the figures are accurate and not adjusting for overcounting, abortion is 23.2 times more deadly than the coronavirus.

Worldometers estimates about 59.6 million deaths world-wide in 2020, but that number does not include unborn babies’ abortion deaths. Unborn babies are not recognized as human beings even though biology indicates that they are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception and they die brutal, violent deaths in abortions.

The abortion number is incomprehensible, but each of those 45.6 million abortions worldwide in 2020 represents a living human being whose life was violently destroyed in their mother’s womb. Each unborn baby already had their own unique DNA, making them distinct from their mother. That DNA indicated if the child was a boy or girl, their eye and hair color, their height, possible genetic disorders and other disabilities, and much more. In most cases, the unborn babies’ hearts are beating when they are aborted, too.

In America, just under 1 million babies are aborted every year. Though abortion rates have been dropping in the past decade, abortion remains the leading cause of death in the United States as well.

An estimated 62 million unborn babies have been killed in abortions in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade in 1973. In January, pro-life advocates will gather for the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. to remember the anniversary of that infamous decision and call for restored protections for the unborn.


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