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Thursday, January 7, 2021

January 07, 2021

Residents in Hull received the Covid conspiracy leaflets through their letterboxes (Picture: Hull Daily Mail / MEN Media)

(MetroUk) - Residents are outraged after conspiracy theory leaflets branding coronavirus an ‘illusion’ were posted through their letterboxes. Neighbours in the HU5 area of west Hull have rejected the ‘disrespectful and distasteful’ letters, which came to light as the UK recorded more than 60,000 new cases for the first time since the pandemic began.

One woman said she found it ‘outrageous’ that the leaflet had arrived on her doormat. ‘The fact of the matter is the people posting it don’t know who lives behind this or any other door,’ she told HullLive. ‘It could be grieving families, or a health worker home from a shift, in which case imagine how they’d feel receiving something like that. ‘It’s a kick in the teeth and thoughtless – but then I feel the people who actually believe it’s a hoax can’t have a brain anyway.’ The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said it must have been put through her letter box ‘very quietly’ as she did not hear it.

She said she expected this was because they want to ‘avoid anyone who might confront them’. She added: ‘To be honest I think it’s pretty disgusting and I was quite surprised when I read what it was about. I’ve seen all the rubbish online and heard about people protesting about it being a hoax, but I didn’t expect it through my letterbox. ‘I think it shows a real lack of respect and is very distasteful and actually quite worrying, as there will be people who read it and think yeah, this virus is a hoax’ and then the disinformation spreads further.’ The leaflet included false data suggesting that only 1,600 people had died in the UK with Covid-19 between January and October last year, when tens of thousands had actually lost their lives in that time.

As of Monday, when the leaflet was posted, nearly 500 people had died in hospitals in Hull with the virus. Hospitals across the UK are struggling to cope with the surge, with health experts fearing the health service is stretched to breaking point. The publishers used their false data to suggest that the Government was unfairly imposing harsh lockdowns as an excuse to ‘shut small businesses and wreck the economy’. But the proponents provided no explanation as to why ministers might want to do those things. It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced another national lockdown, due to last until at least mid-February. It is hoped the measure will bring cases back under control while vaccines can be rolled out to protect the most vulnerable members of the population on a more long-term basis.


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