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Thursday, February 25, 2021

February 25, 2021

(DailyMail) - Health chiefs in Belgium are concerned that 15 million fabric masks given to pharmacists may be toxic and cause pneumonia.

According to a preliminary report carried out by Sciensano, the Belgian Institute for Public Health, the masks contain nanoparticles of silver and titanium dioxide that when inhaled could damage the respiratory tract.

The face masks were made in Asia by Luxembourg-based company Avrox.

Two toxicologists warned that those who wear the masks could develop pneumonia, according to a report in Dutch-language newspaper HLN.

The nanoparticles of silver and titanium dioxide are used to whiten the fabric of the face masks.

'Sooner or later you can ingest these nanoparticles, especially if the mask is washed and worn regularly.

'They can easily end up in the lungs and blood,' toxicologist Alfred Bernard said.

Sciensano released a press statement after the results of the report were leaked, saying that they should be interpreted with caution as it was only the 'first phase' of the study.

'These are the first results of the first phase of a study and it is important to interpret them with caution.

'Based on the current data, it cannot be determined whether these nanoparticles actually come out of the masks and to what extent the users are exposed to them.'


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