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Sunday, February 7, 2021

February 07, 2021
An anti-lockdown protester holding a sign in London, Britain. ©  REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

(RT) - A British woman questioning the Covid-19 crisis in the UK has been banned from visiting any hospital across the country save for emergency, after she repeatedly filmed and shared videos of what she claimed were “empty wards.”

Serial lockdown breaker and prominent coronavirus denier Hannah Dean, 30, has been banned from all the hospitals across the country following her new endeavors over the weekend. On Saturday, she entered the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, roaming it for about 10 minutes before getting caught by a nurse and being kicked out. The following day, she visited Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.

Footage posted by Dean on Facebook shows her trying to approach the hospital, only to be confronted by a security guard who immediately recognized her.

“What are you doing here, Hannah?” the guard asked. Dean tried to flatly deny it was her, but had to back off after a brief verbal spat.

The ill-fated hospital visit came hours after Dean was issued a warning, Sussex police have said. As she violated the warning on the same day it was given, the woman received a stricter notice, prohibiting her from visiting any hospitals and from encouraging others to breach Covid-19 guidelines.

“On Sunday, Sussex Police issued a community protection warning to a 30-year-old woman from Fareham which prevents her from attending any hospital apart from when she has a prior appointment, is a dependent or there is a medical emergency; and to not encourage, endorse or incite another person to breach COVID restrictions,” the police said.

The woman breached the conditions of the community protection warning on the same day of the order being issued and on Monday she was issued with a community protection notice.

Further violations may yield Dean heavy fines of up to £2,500 and even a jail sentence if she ignores the community protection notice.

Dean had made headlines after repeatedly posting videos from various hospitals and questioning why they were not packed to the brim amid the pandemic. Early in January, she received a £200 fixed-penalty notice for not having a valid reason to leave her home during the lockdown.

One of the recent posts on Hannah Dean's page. ©  Facebook / Hannah Dean

The penalty was issued after she visited the same Portsmouth hospital, posting another video purporting to show it was “empty”. Dean’s footage prompted an angry reaction from the hospital’s NHS Trust.

“We continue to be incredibly busy, and we are very grateful for all our wonderful teams who work so hard, and the local communities who support us,” the Trust said at the time. Local police was not exactly pleased with Dean’s behavior, saying that her inflammatory videos have added to their work and even caused “angst in the community.”

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