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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February 10, 2021
Photos: Swedish Police

Swedish police are seeking information about a suspect who detonated a powerful explosive inside a health clinic in Gothenburg, injuring two women.

The bombing, which took place on Nov. 11th, was likely part of a string of similar attacks targeting the clinic's owner, authorities say.

Surveillance footage of the detonation was recently released.

The suspect, described by a Swedish-Polish independent reporter as an "African man," can be seen entering the Haga Clinic wearing a medical mask that obstructed his face.

He appeared to meticulously apply hand sanitizer in the lobby while apparently scanning the room before eventually walking down a hallway.

Moments later, he can be seen quickly exiting the building as a shockwave rips through the office.

The blast, which went off inside a bathroom, injured an 85-year-old woman using an adjacent toilet stall, as well as another female victim.

"We are absolutely sure that the footage shows the perpetrator. There is no doubt about that," prosecutor Mats Ihlbom told Götesborgs-Posten. "Now we hope that someone can identify him for us. It is necessary to be able to move forward in the case."

Police believe the suspect is linked to at least three more similar incidents - a hand grenade detonation at the home of the clinic's owner, a separate explosion in the building where the business is situated, and another grenade attack at the owner's residence.

The suspect is wanted for 'attempted murder and gross general destruction.'


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