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Saturday, February 20, 2021

February 20, 2021
PHOTO: Screenshot / Twitter / Rubén Pulido

A group of male migrants wearing chic clothing was brought to the Spanish mainland by maritime patrols as over a dozen boats arrived from Africa, according to reports.

More than 250 migrants landed in Spain's coastal towns in a short period of time, says Rubén Pulido, head spokesman for top Spanish nationalist-populist party VOX.

Pulido shared footage of foreign men disembarking from a Spanish coast guard ship under the supervision of authorities dressed in biohazard suits.

"Arrivals in Granada, Almería, Murcia and Ceuta," Pulido wrote. "A total of 16 vessels with more than 250 illegal immigrants, mostly from Algerian soil."

Pulido sarcastically remarked the migrants were wearing clothing 'typical in war zones.'

He also noted that not all arriving boats had been intercepted by authorities.

Pulido frequently documents the ongoing migrant crises and related crime and violence rocking mainland Spain and its territories, such as the Canary Islands, where over 25,000 migrants have arrived since the beginning of 2020.

Detention centers on the Spanish mainland have become so overwhelmed by illegal aliens arriving via the Canaries, they are reportedly being released shortly after landing.

Authorities are now raising alarms over 'no-go zones' manifesting where migrants are concentrated in the Canaries.

"There is a shortage of troops. The police staff have not increased, but what has increased is the population," police union spokesman Serafín Giraldo recently told OK Diario.

Giraldo said regions are forming "where the police cannot even enter, where the work is complicated, and where groups of illegal immigrants become strong and believe that these areas are their privilege."


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