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Friday, April 2, 2021

April 02, 2021
image via Newspunch

President Donald Trump has hinted at a likely 2024 presidential run and announced that his infamous rallies will return “very soon.”

In a new interview with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, Trump discussed social media censorship, the mainstream media’s obedience to the Biden administration and heavily hinted that he is set to return to the political stage.

In the interview, Lara Trump asked, “The other question people all want to know — and I know you’re not ready to answer it yet — but do we have hope that there’s a possibility to see Donald Trump run again in 2024?”

“You do have hope, that I can tell you. You do have hope,” President Trump replied.

“We love our country, this country. We all owe a lot to our country, but now, we have to help our country.” reports: Lara Trump proceeded to ask, “Will we ever be able to attend another Trump rally?” President Trump responded in the affirmative.

“Oh yeah, sure, I think so,” said the 45th President. “In fact, we’re thinking about doing one relatively soon just to let everybody know that there’s hope in the future.”

The 45th President’ interview with Lara Trump was banned from Facebook this morning, when the platform declared “that any video or audio file ‘in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed on our platforms (including new posts with President Trump speaking)’ and declared that any such videos ‘will be removed if posted, resulting in additional limitations on accounts that posted it,’” as National File reported.

President Trump also added more fuel to the report that he is planning to launch his own social media site, which advisor Jason Miller suggested will be called Trumper, or join an existing alternative social media platform.


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