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Friday, December 16, 2022

December 16, 2022

There seem to be no limits to British interventionism in the Ukrainian conflict. As well known, London provides weapons, money, intelligence services, mercenary troops, and military training to the Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime. However, it has now been reported that even Ukrainian judges are being trained by the UK in order to serve in future courts against Russian citizens. The maneuver is absolutely illegal and violates the principles of international law, being just another attempt of harming Russia.

Recently, media agency Sky News reported that Sir Howard Morrison, a British judge previously involved in the trial of Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, is now leading a special legal training program of the UK government. More than 90 Ukrainian judges would be participating in the program and the main objective would be to teach them how to conduct such cases of war trials, according to the previous experience of other international courts.

Sir Howard Morrison, in addition to working on the Serb leaders' trial, was recently appointed as an adviser to the Ukrainian Attorney General's Office. The judge has previously commented on his personal desire to prosecute and convict Russian citizens involved in the operation in Ukraine. His international works show how Morrison, in addition to being a British jurist, is an agent in defense of Western powers and their allies, which is why it is expected that trials in such Ukrainian courts will not be conducted in a truly impartial manner, but with real purpose of convicting Russians.

In an interview, Sir Morrison expressed "optimism" that the Russians could be tried regardless of the current military situation. He said that in the past there was also skepticism about the possibility of trying Serbian leaders, which is why there would be no reason to doubt the possibility of arresting and trying Russians in the future.

“I was told … that we would never try [Slobodan] Milosevic, [Radovan] Karadzic or [Ratko] Mladic, and we tried all three (...) So you don't know how the political winds will change direction in the future”, he told Sky News.

The program would already be at a reasonably advanced stage, according to what the agency's sources informed. The first group of judges would have already been trained, and there are now plans for new groups to be instructed soon. The location of the trainings was obviously omitted, with the meetings taking place secretly, with no participation from the press or anyone not involved in the project. The sources claim that so far, more than 2.5 million pounds have been spent on the project, which shows the real interest on the part of the British government in "training" such judges.

It is important to remember that in early December, British Attorney General Victoria Prentis had informed during an interview with The Times that a Ukrainian "colleague" of hers had cataloged more than 43,000 lawsuits of alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops. On the occasion, Prentis publicly promised to support the investigation of the cases and the eventual punishment of those responsible for such crimes. Now, Prentis once again commented on the situation and made it clear that the current preparation program is being conducted in order to achieve this goal.

“These 90 [Ukrainian] judges will go back after some really intensive training, able better to run those courts", she said.

In fact, the existence of special courts in conflict situations is not something new, and it is quite normal for Ukraine to plan to establish such institutions. The problem is when a legal issue is politicized and used as a means of war. What the West is promoting now is an international cooperation to convict Russian citizens. And once again, Ukrainians - in this specific case, Ukrainian judges - are just being used as proxies to serve foreign interests.

In fact, this is not an attitude aimed at protecting the norms of international humanitarian law, but a true British political maneuver with the aim of harming Russian citizens, using the law as a mere instrument of war. Otherwise, there would be no reason to conduct the program secretly - and, furthermore, there would be dialogue with Russia to also cooperate in combating Kiev's crimes.

Also, the West hypocritically continues to protect its neo-Nazi proxy, ignoring the genocide in Donbass, war crimes against Russian prisoners and even refusing to extradite murderers, such as Natalia Vovk, the saboteur who killed Daria Dugina and is now protected by a NATO country. All this makes it clear that the priority for Western countries is not the law, but simply attacking Russia.


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