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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

March 22, 2023

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, released a video in which Ukrainian soldiers tore and burnt the Islamic Holy Book, the Koran, after cutting pork fat on it. Kadyrov, known for his devout faith, announced a reward of 5 million roubles for killing the soldiers responsible for the desecration and 10 million roubles for capturing them alive. What the video does, once again, is demonstrate the Far-Right ideology prevailing in the Ukrainian military.

Addressing the Muslims who fight for Ukraine, including many jihadist Chechens, Karydov questioned: “How do you feel to be in the same ranks as the enemies of Allah? What justification will you find for yourselves on the day of the great judgment? There is no excuse for you! You will be damned, just like those who dared to encroach on the Holy Koran.”

“And I say to the scum who are shown in these pictures: you will not have long to endure the cold. Very soon you will be able to warm yourselves in the fires of hell. I will spare no effort and no means to find you and punish you! And I pray Almighty Allah to hasten your imminent end,” he added.

Undoubtedly, the burning of a Koran by Ukrainian soldiers is shocking. However, European liberals cannot pretend that they are shocked by this as there is a mountain of evidence cataloguing Nazi-inspired brutality since 2014. This is coupled with the fact that the desecration of the Koran is common place in the West and defended as “freedom of speech.”

It is recalled that in January, Far-Right Danish politician Rasmus Paludan burned a copy of the Koran in front of a mosque in Denmark, only days after doing a similar action outside the Turkish Embassy in Sweden. When such actions are permitted in the liberal West, it cannot be considered surprising that such actions take place in the Ukrainian military.

NATO countries indulge in such Islamophobia and now support the Ukrainian army with weapons. Despite these actions also occurring in Western countries at a societal level, by burning the Koran, the Ukrainian military has demonstrated that it has Islamophobia as an official ideology.

UN Human Rights Council Resolution 1418 condemns all acts of insult, discrimination and inequality based on religion and calls on all countries to firmly oppose such manifestations. By virtue of this resolution, the Ukrainian armed forces should be condemned. Political bias and anti-Russian sentiment will not allow the Human Rights Council and other UN institutions to deal with this issue.

The International Criminal Court (ICC), which is pursuing the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has remained silent on the Koran burning. Despite the ICC name, it is not an international court and deceivingly is a European NGO instead. The ICC’s authority is not recognised by dozens of countries, including Russia, the US, China, India and Israel. Therefore, it is unsurprising that it targets the Russian president but remains silent on the war crimes and crimes against humanity, including against religion, perpetrated by Ukraine.

Considering the US’ hostility towards the cultural, ethnic, and religious sensitives of other peoples, as observed in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is not surprising that this same hostility is also manifested in Ukraine, which is being directly armed, funded, and trained by Washington. In fact, the US uses such sensitives to conjure internal strife, just as we saw Sunni’s and Shi’ites slaughter each other in the immediate years after Saddam Hussein’s execution.

The Atlantic bloc's strategy is to provoke clashes on ethnic and religious grounds, divide fraternal peoples and plunge regions into chaos. Kiev is inspired by this NATO strategy and has now used it to divide Christians and ostracise Muslims in Ukraine, making a mockery of the regime’s claim that it wants to capture Crimea from Russia to liberate the Crimean Tartars.

Rather, the Koran burning incident should be confirmation for Muslims in Ukraine that the regime has no respect for Islam. Given that Nazism is the prevailing ideology of the Kiev regime, pre-Christian religion is also re-emerging in Ukraine, with video’s emerging online of blood sacrifices and other sacrileges. Such images would disturb any God-fearing Muslim.

Instead of serving as a confirmation for Ukraine’s Muslims, Said Ismagilov, a Kiev propagandist and the former Mufti of UMMA, the Spiritual Administration of Ukraine’s Muslims, alleges that Russians were responsible for the Koran desecration.

“They aimed to provoke outrage among the Muslim world in Ukraine with the actions of alleged Ukrainian soldiers. But just like any other propagandistic news, this video is clueless. Unlike Russians, Ukrainians are all united; they support each other and respect the spiritual choice of each soldier,” claimed the former Mufti who left his post in the summer of 2022 to become a paramedic in the war.

However, for all his claims, perhaps the former Mufti forgot that the National Guard of Ukraine proudly uploaded to Twitter a video of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion greasing their bullets with pork fat to use against Chechens knowing full well that pork consumption is forbidden for Muslims.

None-the-less, the latest video is another demonstration of the Nazi ideology prevailing in Kiev and that it has no respect for Islam, even if compromised Islamic community figures in Ukraine attempt some mental gymnastics to defend blasphemy and blame Russia.